I enjoy the strength and beauty of the youth. I don’t worry about my future, nowadays I am learning what are the important things in my life.

It’s high time to be mad, to be wrong, to fall down, to stand up and learn. Meanwhile I ignore those days, I live my life till the extreme, each single second I am gifted with. I find out daily that I’ve got several feeling left to experiment with, loads of first-time things to try and I want to do them all, I do the all. I am sure I am still a child.

I am aware I’ll still have bad moments in life, you ought to go on even if you are drown by the feelings and nightmares. I am obviously affected by been bitten, but I always try to be positive although sometimes…

I am more sentimental than it seems, I hide too many dreams and hopes in excess to not be able to fall asleep. I want to change the world, it is something that youngsters should feel, peace, love, empathy… are needed.

What if I am a rebel? I do not label myself, I just define myself with my proper name. That’s the way I am, I live, and I like it. If you come close enough, you might discover my soul, it’s not as simple as you imagine.


I‘ve been missing those weird and crazy days when I was living with you. You told that I was your friend, a close one, someone special and different, someone who showed up in your life. You also confessed that by my side you felt and was living amazing new experiences and that despite the fact of denying it, you felt overwhelmed. I saw it in your eyes, in your lips and with the shake of your whole body.

But soon after, we come back to reality, to a world different from the love stories that one can find in the movies. You found an excuse to lie yourself, to justify yourself, to come to an end. You sowed distance between the two of us. It has germinated and grown more than you could have ever imagined. Our love is a craze and I just was a way to park your loneliness and bury your melancholy and sadness and your self-denials.

Although you´ll be forgotten, I keep the pleasant feeling that I am convince that I can, and that I will build up my hopes, that I want to do it. I feel alive again, I believe in true love and not in the stubbornness and fakeness you usually dirt the greatness which is enclosed in that four-letter word. I feel I’ve got loads inside myself, and that the day which will change us can come.